The G.I.C. Ltd. offers accompanying services to its products and technologies. These services may include maintenance and reparation of equipment, technology modifications, trainings and tutorials for users and operators.


On the other hand, the G.I.C. Ltd. is open for any kind of consulting or research activity that fits the company profile and expertise that is: electrochemistry, anti-corrosion techniques, general chemistry, environmental technologies, process design, development of pilot plants, prototype production, laboratory experiments, chemical analytics, instrumentation and electronics, software development. The scientist and engineer crew of the company have profound expertise in the listed topics.


 Major Award of the XIVth Hungarian Prize of Innovation, 2006 for the
"LWG-101-25 Mobile Underwater Plasma Device "

International and Hungarian Major Awards of the EKO 2005 Contest of Environmental Innovation for
"Underwater Plasma Device for the Treatment of Hazardous Wastes"

Extra Reward of the IXth Hungarian Prize of Innovation for the
"Decomposition of the EDTA Content of Diluted Fe-EDTA Containing Radioactive Aquous Wastes Using Plasma Technology"