The G.I.C. Ltd. has been working on the development of new inorganic polymeric materials for six years now. These new polymeric materials can also be called eco-cements, alkali-activated metakaolin cements or geopolymers. From the point of view of chemical structure, geopolymers are poly-sialates, one could say that geopolymers are artificial stones. The structure and bonding mechanism of the geopolymers substantially differ from that of the Portland cements, therefore, they possess special properties such as very good mechanical stability, fire and heat resistance, and easy mouldability. Certain geopolymers set quickly and at ambient temperature while not shrinking or expanding at all. Resulting from their special properties, geopolymeric materials may replace various materials in the future, or could be used in high tech applications, too.
As many companies and research institutes work on inorganic polymeric materials, the G.I.C. Ltd. follows the work of the concurrence, and concentrates its research into areas that are not covered by others.

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Inorganic polymers are suitable for encapsulation radioactive wastes so as to enable their safe and long-term storage. We have developed special polymer compositions for this purpose. A few kinds of these materials were preliminary tested in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. Research is going on in this field.
Geopolymers can be used as special materials for the inner linings of old brick-walled chimneys. Our new chimney lining system enables inner lining of chimneys without or with just a little opening of the existing chimneys, resulting in a clean and trouble-free chimney renovation. The third direction of our research is to work out the production technologies of waste based geopolymeric materials that can be used for the manufacturing of products that are competitive in the construction industry market. In the course of our experiments various geopolymeric materials have been produced that are made mainly from fly ash, used bricks, blast furnace slags, low cost clays and kaolin and are suitable for the production of bricks, pipes, moldable floors, thermal insulators, fire resistant coatings and fine ceramics. One of the greatest advantage of the application of inorganic polymers in the construction industry is that these materials can be produced on the base of industrial silica wastes. After mechanical pre-treatment, furnace slags, fly ashes, used bricks and various clays can be used as raw materials for the ambient temperature production of new constructing materials. The re-use or even the mass storage of the above kind of industrial waste materials is a difficult task, accordingly using geopolymeric materials made from them contributes to the protection of the environment.