The Goldferro-V mordant was developed by the G.I.C. Ltd. for the special surface treatment needs of the nuclear industry. The liquid contains Vanadium(II) ions and is capable of effectively dissolving the rust and skin of iron and steel surfaces. At the same time, the Goldferro-V liquid passives the treated surface.
The measurable dissolution rate – under the same conditions – is twice of that of the traditional passivizing liquids, that contain only phosphoric acid in the same concentration. The Vanadium(II) content of the liquid reduces the Iron(III) ions to Iron(II) ions, the latter can be solved easily in phosphoric acid. On the other hand, because of the negative redox potential of the Vanadium(II) ions, spontaneous dissolution of the base metal is significantly hindered. The new mordant is very suitable for the treatment of very rusty objects, hence can be used for the loosening of rutted rusty bolt bindings. The new liquid hence is a real rust and skin dissolver, it is not just a rust transformer. If the metal surface that has been treated by the new liquid is dried using warm air, or in case of spontaneous drying, the dissolved Iron(II) content on the surface is transformed first to Iron(III)-phosphate then to an unsolvable passive layer. The unsolvable layer that develops this way cannot be removed by water any more. The layer also contains a corrosion inhibitor because of the presence of the Vanadium(II) to Vanadium(V) oxidative process.

The Goldferro-V liquid has a very wide application area, and has various advantageous properties:

  • It is suitable for the treatment of industrial and domestic iron and metal objects with various surfaces, independently from the degree of corrosion.
  • The liquid can be directly get up using dipping, brushing or air brushing.
  • The treatment is to be continued until the rust completely vanishes.
  • If the treated surface is promptly washed with ample water then the passive layer cannot develop, hence the object can be galvanized.
  • The reaction speed can be increased by elevating the temperature of course, the optimal treating temperature where the dissolution rate is maximal is around 80-90°C.
  • The Goldferro-V liquid does not attack rubber or plastic surfaces, and leaves dye and lack layers unchanged. If in doubt, the liquid is to be applied to a small part of the surface, at a non-ostentatious part of the object.

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