The G.I.C. Ltd. was established in 1990 by Hungarian engineers and researchers. Our colleagues are in close connection with universities and research laboratories. The main office of the company is in Budapest, Hungary; the laboratories and the production site are located in Bakonyszentlászló. The company is organized according to the rules of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality assurance standard. The G.I.C. Ltd. is a qualified business partner of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. The G.I.C Ltd. received various awards for its innovative technologies. The business partners of the company are major Hungarian and international companies.

Company profile

The main profile of the G.I.C. Ltd. is applied industrial research and development. Based on the discussions with its industrial partners the G.I.C. Ltd. develops innovative technological solutions for actual chemical, electrochemical and environmental problems. Since the Paks Nuclear Power Plant is a major industrial partner of the company, most of the inventions and technologies are connected with energetics and environmental protection.
Many innovative technologies have been developed in the past years. The company continuously produces the resulting products and equipment, as well as continuously provides its partners with services and consulting. The G.I.C. Ltd. has laboratories and its own workshop where the prototypes and the pilot plants are manufactured and tested. In case of big projects the G.I.C. Ltd. contracts production companies.

Winning applications

Although the G.I.C. Ltd. is a private profit orientated company for certain projects we apply for state or EU support, as many research funds are available nowadays. You can check out our winning applications here.
In the frame of our INNOREG -2006 application we acquired a TraceLab50 voltammetric trace element analyzer. The analytical instrument was put in operation in late 2006.